Reshape the Chemistry for Energy and Environment

CHEMOWAVE has several collaborative relationships and partnerships, including:
Yonsei Technology Holdings was established in May 2011 after a three-year preparation period to commercialize the outstanding research capabilities of Yonsei University.

Since it was founded in 1855, Yonsei University has opened new possibilities by standing at the forefront of each era and challenging without fearing change. As part of these challenges, our research-centered university is striving to commercialize many of the outstanding discoveries that it has been involved in making. Exceptional results in technology transfer have been achieved, and further excellence in technology commercialization is expected with establishment of Yonsei Technology Holdings.

Yonsei Technology Holdings will be a core feature for Yonsei University becoming a Global Top 100 University by combining promising discovery programs for the commercialization of technology with domestic and overseas investment capital, and will also be a linchpin of national wealth creation.

Yonsei Technology Holdings will strive to create a healthy profit in addition to strengthening research capabilities through the expansion of University’s finance as well as contributing to society through the commercialization of technology.
L&F Co. is a liquid crystal flat panel display manufacturer and was founded in 2000. The main business is the manufacture and sale of cathode active materials for secondary batteries
AEOL was established in 2018 and is achieving eco-friendly energy innovation. The main business areas are ventilation solutions, new materials, and energy solutions.